Teachers’ Technology Use in Vocabulary Teaching

It cannot be denied that vocabulary learning is central to learning a language, be it a mother tongue or the second/foreign language. According to Nunan (1991), learning vocabulary in the very early stages is more fundamental than grammar, since without vocabulary one would not be able to use the structures and functions for effective communication. In other words, one can say that without grammar one can communicate little; however, without vocabulary, one can communicate nothing. This, in turn, results in the necessity of placing emphasis on vocabulary learning activities in language learning and teaching. However, as there are no clear-cut answers as to which tools or strategies to learn vocabulary are the best and most teachers have different beliefs about vocabulary learning, they generally follow the activities suggested in the course book in a slave like manner. Vocabulary teaching and learning require several strategies to be put into use and supported by technology, which empowers the process. However, language instructors do not always benefit from computer resources available on CDs or the Internet. As the results of the survey among 80 language instructors show, they are not aware of the opportunities that technology provides to them. Moreover, word lists and flashcards are still the widely used materials used for teaching vocabulary, while online glossing and wikis are rarely used.

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