Should you send your kid to the preschool

Should you send your kid to the preschool?

For ages, mothers have been considering staying at home for their kids just so they do not have to send their kids to preschool. Will it be safe? Do preschools actually harm kids? Is it worth sending my kids there? These questions have haunted parents for a really long time.

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The following article by Amelia Gentleman on addresses such questions.

The great preschool debate

“The study unleashed what he describes as a global “firestorm of controversy”, and, he believes, did enduring damage to his career. The suggestion that babies suffered by being taken from their parents and handed to carers, usually in preschools, made uncomfortable reading both for mothers considering returning to work and for policymakers, eager to encourage them back into the workforce.” Read More Here!

Parents usually struggle to send their kids to daycare because of these findings. Childcare experts suggest that sending the little ones to daycare can put them under emotional stress as they are separated from their parents. This often makes parents skeptical about whether they should enroll their kid in a preschool. However, even though kids might feel emotional, their cognitive skills enhance after going to daycare. Another angle to this debate is the fact that employers push mothers back to work which, in turn, gives a boost to the daycare business. The government also has to decide whether they should encourage daycare or emphasize more on giving paid leaves to mothers. Some findings also suggest that kids who attend daycare are found to be more aggressive as adults. Another piece by Glosswitch on newstatesman discusses the effects of sending kids to daycare.

Are we harming our kids by sending them to preschool?

Swedish sociologist Jonas Himmelstrand believes that when children start preschool under the age of three, they risk suffering “more mental health problems and difficulties at school”. On the day the Times ran a report on this, my own three-year-old – who’s been at preschool since he was nine months old – decided to behave like a total sod. Read More Here!

Although there are some theories about the children being moody and angrier when they attend the preschool, it cannot be denied that there is nothing wrong in sending kids to daycare. For most of the working women, daycare is the only viable solution. For what it’s worth, daycare also helps the kids in learning things they would not at home. When kids socialize with others of their age it becomes easy for them to develop their skills. Mothers do not essentially have to feel guilty as they are only doing what is right for their kids. Leaving their jobs and being home harms and jeopardizes their careers. There are certainly pros and cons but one has to make a decision as per their unique requirement. An article by Carol Loy on the talks about the benefits of preschool rhymes for kids.

How do preschool rhymes benefit the children?

Do you know that Incy Wincy Spider can be a toddlers (and parent’s) best friend? And other preschool rhymes like 10 Little Indians can also be your friends too! Music such as preschool rhymes can help benefit a child’s learning and development; what’s more, preschool rhymes tend to stick with us even as we grow older – people can usually remember common ones like Incy Wincy Spider and Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars, or at least remember bits of Jack and Jill. Read More Here!

Learning preschool rhymes at daycare is known to be really helpful for kids. It helps them develop strong literacy and language skills. Kids end up learning numeracy and their vocabulary enhances. Music plays a very important role in the kid’s lives and it boosts the self-esteem as well as confidence of the kids. Moreover, according to researches, childhood is a phase of rapid development which is why it helps when kids are exposed to music early on. Thus, preschool rhymes are not only fun to learn and listen but also help in the motor skills of the kids and enable them to plan.

As a parent, you can participate in the kid’s development by singing along with the child. You may also engage in their learning by constantly introducing new rhymes to them which teaches them concepts like colors, shapes and numbers.

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