Finding the Right Playgroup for Children in Singapore

If you have a small child who is below 4 years old and you plan to get him/her enrolled in preschool but are a little apprehensive as how would he/she will react or behave, then you have reached at the right spot. The article is going to help you in choosing the best playgroup option available in Singapore for your children.

Parent-Accompanied Playgroup for Kids

This particular playgroup has classes for parents along with their children. So, if you are not comfortable leaving your child alone in class, then this interactive session build school is good for you. It involves learning with sensory driven practices and experiences, mainly story based and music, creative exercises as well as few singing hours. Besides indoor, some outdoor activities are also part of the school.

Another thing good about this curriculum is that they allow child to experiment by being messy in playground and other activities. So it’s an amalgamation of both discipline as well as messy environment. The preferred age limit for the school is 6 months to 36 months and frequency of class is once a week. Fee estimate is around $480 for total of 12 weeks’ classes.

Learning with Phonics

The learning processes these days is quite different as compared to what school used to teach some years back. Phonic is a new concept which many schools have adopted because it is useful, easily memorable and very handy for children to understand. Phonics system was originated in the UK and is full of fun based activities, including linguistics and musical learning.

Also social interaction, rhymes, playgroup activities, and body movement are also part of these schools. Children are expected to spend two-hours in a class which is spread over 5 days in a week. The course is for children of ages 18 months to 36 months and estimated fee is $200 per month.

Time to enhance a Child’s Motor Skills

Some playgroups offer activities which enhances motor skills because children get a chance to interact with other mates, socialize and explore each other’s environment. Parents can also accompany children in these schools due to short duration of 1.5 hours only. Frequency of classes is 5 days a week for children of age 12 months to 22 months. Total fee for courses are $50 for each session.

Programs for Kids of Different Ages

If you have kids of different age, then some schools offer different programs for different age groups. Main emphasize is on socializing and exploring surrounding environment. Even toys are also available for kids to play and learn along with some learning tools like music instruments, singing, craft and dance. The duration of the course is between 1.5 hours to 2 hours for five days a week. Children of age group 18 months to 36 months are recommended for the school. Fee charges is around $170 per month.

There are many children playgroups in Singapore offering different activities for kids belonging to different ages. Parents can visit each place to decide which school suits considering age and mental capabilities of their children. Duration and fee of each school is also different.

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