Extensive Educational Programs Offered in Singapore’s Kindergartens

Kindergartens now offer a wide range of programs for meeting learning requirements of kids of all ages. The division of the programs have been done keeping in mind the age bracket of kids and their mental capabilities. There are three programs which are being offered by many Singaporean kindergartens, mainly Playgroup to Kindergarten 2, from 6 months to 36 months’ program and then from 3 years to 8 years’ program.

Playgroup to Kindergarten 2 Programs

The program consists of either complete day or half day package. It consists of number of activities, which includes educational, entertainment as well as special skill development practices for nurturing child brain and mental capabilities.

Playgroup Programs

These programs are especially for kids from the age one and half till 2.5 years old. Curriculum includes reading and logical thinking activities along with special activities for communication skills development and creativity enhancement. Phonics are yet another mean with which kids get a chance to promote their story, science and music skills along with arts and crafts activities.

Apart from these, multi-sensory discovery activities enable kids towards development of their sensory skills like language, storytelling, crafts as well as games.

From 6 Months to 36 Months Program

This program is based upon building confidence and enhancing discovery abilities in kids, so they learn new and innovative things every day.

Early Starters Programs

In the early starter programs, main emphasize is laid on logical thinking, coordination activities, affinity towards music, knowledge of the world as well as innovative learning abilities. With the help of music and rhymes, kids get a chance to learn communication skills and other auditory, visual and tactile senses. Kids also learn social skills which prepare them for better coordination and balancing learning. Role of parents is also crucial at this stage, as kids develop self-esteem, sharing and cooperation abilities while interacting with other people.

From 3 Years to 8 Years Programs

These programs have been devised keeping in view the literacy requirements of kids from 3 years to 8 years of age.

Normally at this stage, kids are considered to have much knowledge about their surroundings. There are basic 8 mastery levels designed for kids for this age bracket. There are no caregivers at this stage and kids learn to work independently without any professional help. The already discussed methods above prepare the kids well for this level, thus they are confident in carrying out their routine activities without much help.

Here kids get a chance to make words from spelling and are also able to blend different phonic sounds. By this time, they also become fluent in reading and writing and their grammar along with comprehension skills are much developed. Creative writing is also easy for kids to do and they can do poetry, write reports, factual reports and character studies.

Final Say

It is pertinent to mention that the very first program which is designed for playgroup kids is called preschool program because it accommodates kids of that specific age, whereas the other two programs are counted under the bracket of enrichment, due to vast library of programs and curriculum being offered in both.

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