Choosing the Right Kindergarten Preschool for Your Child

Singapore is full of many preschools available but it is imperative for the parents to choose one that best fits their child’s needs and requirements. The right school will cater to the child’s holistic growth and help him or her prosper not only in that school but for years to come.

A good kindergarten is responsible for creating the fundamental basics of a child that molds and shapes him to the adult that he would eventually become. Read more here:

So in order to choose the right school for their children, parents should be vary of the following considerations:

Subjects being taught

The curriculum that is chosen for the children should be analyzed by keeping in mind that it should cater for the emotion, logical and physical needs of the child that will help him prosper for years to come. Therefore, the subjects being taught should encompass all these points. On the other hand, the parents must also see how these topics are being taught. At this age there is no sitting still strategies that can help children learn. Rather, at this tender age, children learn through play. Activities designed while keeping this approach in mind work best with children. Preschool is the first step in a child’s life, it must be chosen wisely.


This is meant by the school timings that best fit a child’s requirement. Sometimes the parents work afternoon or morning and those are the times they wish their children to be away with an adult, learning. Therefore, in Singapore there are many schools that have either full day or half day solutions. A kindergarten school that best fits this scenario ought to be chosen.

Locality and rate

While choosing a kindergarten school one must make sure that it is under the budget of what one earns. Therefore, the parents must look for a kindergarten school that is not only within the budget but near too. Children are especially vulnerable to getting themselves hurt at this age. Although schools are well equipped with dealing with such emergency situations, it does not hurt to find a school that is near so that any unforeseen circumstance involving children can be quickly taken care of. If the location is near, the extra cost of fuel can also be minimized.

Approach of the school

Every school has their own set of approaches that they demark on the students. A school that teaches comradeship, kindness and a wise philosophy must be chosen for the eager little learners. Also, these values should align with the ones that are being taught in homes too.

Child’s personality

An environment that suits the personality of the child will help him growing in all prospects and areas. On the other hand, if there is no alignment of the system with the child, the learning will be impaired and the child will suffer both emotionally and intuitively.

Schools in Singapore offer parents an opportunity to walk in and have orientations. During this time, it is the parents to look for these important points before they make a decision of admitting their child in that school. Keeping this is mind that this will go a long way in their personalities and outcomes.

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