Advantages of Attending Playgroup for Kids

Playgroup is a chance for parents to let their kids experience various activities which they might not allow or manage at home. Besides play, children meet other children of same age, sit, share and empathize with others.  Fun playgroups for children are also safe and healthy environment which foster great learning opportunities. Some key advantages of sending kids to playgroup are:

Development of social skill sets

Every child has a different social needs, some like to live in isolation whereas others love to socialize with others. You as a parent need to accept the nature of your kid. Children should not be forced to do things which they dislike. Here the role of playgroup comes into play. Kids meet, see and follow others, and in doing so, they learn to open with other and develop affinity towards one another.

Children between the age of 1 to 3 gets social with other people because they are exploring people outside their comfort zone. When they reach age 5, they get along with other kids of their age and learn from their experiences.

Building social emotional confidence

For a child, home is a place where he/she is free to exercise anything he/she desires. They get the sense of stability and attachment from home when living with parents, siblings, grandparents etc. when kids come to playgroup, they interact with caretakers and teachers in a same manner they interact at home, thus share the same home like experience and develop emotional bonding with them.

Enhancing physical activities

Children love to play. The joy of play increases to many folds when they come to playgroup and realize in multiple activities they can involve themselves. The activities could be indoor as well as outdoor.

At home, there may be some limitations, in terms of space, toys, companions etc but in playgroup one gets a chance to enjoy and do everything. Ranging from singing, playdough, jumping, learning through puzzles, music, body movements etc, children are free to enjoy to the fullest.

Allowing creativity and out of the box thinking

Creativity and out of the box thinking allows children to move beyond their boundaries. As discussed in the topic above, home is a structured place where kids may and may not allow some leverage. Whereas in playgroup, there are no boundaries and unstructured environment, whereas children are free to exercise anything.

They develop motor skills when play with puzzles, strengthen their muscles when play outside. So it is good for kids belonging to any area. Children develop their brain activities in the first three years, their mind functions well and help in their personal and professional grooming.

Importance of play role

With play role, children get a chance to engage in daily life activities. When a child acts in certain role, he/she learns to practice that skill in later life, like changing tyre, becoming teacher and managing different chores etc. Kids also get a chance to practice problem solving abilities and look for alternate options for any given problem.

Playgroup is like a school with high interactivity and minimal discipline. Children get a chance to explore their environment and learn from others. Also it is a chance for encouraging out of the box thinking which enhance their brain activities. It helps parents to prepare their kids for school life as well.

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Leona Armstrong

Author: Leona Armstrong

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